CJP's successful virtual speaker series was going into its second year, but we wanted a refresh on the graphics to bring in some new brand colors and fonts. We didn't have any information on the new speakers or topics yet, so I started out by exploring a few options using the speakers from the past year. My goal was to create a unified series but also allow each event to have its own identity, so that people would recognize them as part of the Bold Conversations series but also feel like each event brought something new.
For each option, I created concepts for bold posters that could go out in the community, as well as a more horizontal version to be used for social media.
Doing this exploration before we had all of the details meant that once we had a possible speaker, we could jump into action quickly. Here's the email design that we landed on as an invitation.
(Due to circumstances beyond our control, we did not move forward with this particular event, but the plan is still to continue with the series as soon as possible).
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