This was a short-timeline project, with only a few days from the kick-off meeting to needing the save the date email designed. We wanted to go very bold and simple with the save the date, leaning on the combination of the antisemitism focus and the appeal of an in-person event, in conjunction with the tease of a well-known speaker. The final save the date email was a joint collaboration with CJP's art director, after she received feedback from the partner.
Once we had that in place, I designed the actual event invitation to take the simple elements of the save the date and elevate them, really leaning on the typography to communicate the tone of the event: elegant but impactful, bringing women together to make a difference. The colored dot is a main element of CJP's new branding, and this was the perfect way to use that, using that to underscore the "raise" aspect of the event title.
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